2015 Mobile Apps Trend Predictions  

picAs the year progresses, innovations and developments continue to arise. These innovations benefit the business sector the most. These innovations pave the way for business sectors to easily advertise and sell their products and services through technological innovations, not to mention the use of mobile devices. With mobile devices, consumers can find deals, retrieve coupons, and shop even at the comforts of their homes. The mobile apps trend prediction for 2015 includes the following:

  1. Focus on Innovation and Time to Market. Mobile applications will continue to innovate as other previous devices and operating systems such as Windows slowly become obsolete. Furthermore, according to a research team known as Forrester Research, to be able to juggle between meeting the dual demands of innovation and speedy application creation, inventors will deviate from a mentality of crafting the whole thing in-house. As 2015 progresses, more brands will turn into mobile applications within a shorter timeframe.
  1. Mobile-First Approach. The mobile world will continuously grow in importance. According to experts, by the year 2018, more than half of the population will grasp a smartphone or tablet when browsing through the World Wide Web. As to date, most smartphone and tablet users prefer using apps over the online websites when browsing. As a result, brands that used to disagree in investing heavily on mobile apps will most probably be surpassed by its competitors. Therefore, they should begin investing in these apps for them to be able to catch up come 2015.
  1. Loyalty Spotlight. Partnerships, such as Apple Pay, Apple’s iBeacon, and TouchID, will benefit advertisers and brands in increasing shopper’s loyalty as 2015 kicks in. According to a senior executive of Nielsen Company, Starbucks has been a pioneer company in this regard. Thus, he advised that companies should put efforts in connecting trade and loyalty.
  1. Location Targeting. In order for advertisers to capture the heart of consumers, increase their engagement, and prevent irritating shoppers, companies will need to make use of geo-targeting and geo-fencing with caution beginning next year up to the coming years. For instance, retailers should not only take on board beacons into their department stores, but must also clearly state what benefits will the consumers get if they purchase a product or service.
  1. Event Enrichment. Even event advertisements will move from posters and internet advertisement into mobile event apps. These types of apps will continuously increase in fame and popularity. According to experts, more and more organizers will increasingly utilize Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), iBeacons, geo-fencing and other wireless technologies as tools to enhance event engagement. This will be made possible by scavenger hunts, gamification, tailored welcome messages, navigation support, and other location-based notices.
  1. Mobile Casinos. Mobile Casino apps began its transition in the year 2014. However, it continues to grow and grow as time passes by. According to experts, mobile casino apps will continue to innovate as 2015 kicks in. Gamblers can now enjoy gambling in the comforts of their homes. Interested individuals can try a few mobile casino games and find out more at Pokies Heaven.

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