5 Awesome iPhone Apps to Help Managing Your Finances Easier

The Apple iPhone is a brilliant piece of smartphone technology! It lets us be more productive by offering us the ability to run all sorts of useful ‘apps’ (software programs for smartphones), and to be honest if I didn’t have an iPhone in my life, things would probably take longer for me to action!

One of the ways in which I use my iPhone is to help me manage my finances! For example, I use my bank’s dedicated app to let me see exactly what’s been happening with my bank accounts, such as details of the latest Direct Debit payments that have come out.

But there are also some other useful personal finance apps that I use; here are 5 of the best ones that you should check out:

1. Toshl Finance

Even though I have my bank’s dedicated app on my iPhone, it doesn’t keep a history on there of money that goes in and out of my accounts. So to help me out with that purpose, I use the excellent Toshl Finance app!

It’s incredibly easy to track expenses with this app, and don’t worry about the screenshot above because you can tailor the app to work with any currency such as the British pound.

Get the Toshl Finance app for your iPhone (it’s free).

2. Wally

Where’s Wally? That’s right; he’s in your iPhone! The Wally app offers a smart and intuitive way to help you manage your money on the go. Highly recommended by payday-choice.com, this app is 100% free and is completely safe and secure to use.

You can even save receipts on there too, and backup all your data to your iCloud account (which is also free).

Get the Wally app for your iPhone (it’s free).

3. OnTrees Personal Finance

If you are looking for a more UK-oriented financial management app, then look no further than the OnTrees Personal Finance! If you have multiple current accounts and savings accounts, this app will help you effectively manage them from one central point.

The great thing about this app is that you can also manage your money from the app’s dedicated website, and as with the app your financial details are safe and secure.

Get the OnTrees Personal Finance app for your iPhone (it’s free).

4. Tax Tool 2014/15 Reversible UK Salary Calculator

One thing about salary calculator apps is that most of them are pretty rubbish, but I’m pleased to say that the Tax Tool 2014/15 Reversible UK Salary Calculator app is an exception to the fact! It has numerous useful features such as reverse salary calculator, so if you know how much your total monthly bills are, you can use that tool to tell you how much you need to be earning!

Get the Tax Tool 2014/15 Reversible UK Salary Calculator (it costs 69p).

5. Mortgage Calculator UK

If you’re looking for a new mortgage, or perhaps you need to find a good deal to replace your existing mortgage, the Mortgage Calculator UK app will help you to determine how much you are likely to pay with certain interest rates.

Get the Mortgage Calculator UK app for your iPhone (it’s free).

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