6 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Dropbox

You might have heard of the service before from friends or seen its name mentioned on the Internet somewhere. Dropbox is an extremely popular cloud storage service which millions of users around the world take advantage of.

Image Credit: Dropbox In 30 Minutes (via Flickr).

If you aren’t already taking advantage of the many benefits of Dropbox, then you ought to be! Here are 6 reasons why you need to be using Dropbox for your own personal use or for business.

1. It’s free for most users

One of the biggest selling points about Dropbox is the fact that you can get 2GB of storage space for free with this cloud-based service.

You can also extend the amount of free storage space you’ve got by doing various promotion activities on Dropbox’s behalf such as sharing a signup link with your friends and writing posts on your Facebook or Twitter account via their website. I’ve actually got just over 6GB of free space on my account by doing this!

2. More space for heavy users isn’t expensive

If you find that you have nearly used up your free storage quota despite your various marketing efforts to get more people to sign up, you will have to pay for more space. But the good news is that it doesn’t cost you much money!

Pro users can get 100GB of storage space for just under $10 a month, which is actually pretty cheap for such a service.

3. You don’t have to worry about email attachment limits

Gone are the days of sending files to people via email and risking clogging up their inboxes or having your emails bounced back, because with Dropbox you can simply share a link to a file or folder either with specific people or you can make files and folders publicly accessible.

4. Dropbox is great for business users

The cloud-based file storage service fairly recently introduced a Dropbox for Business service, which offers extra features designed for teams of people working together on various projects.

You start off with 1TB of storage space (which can be increased when required), and for $15/user per month, you also benefit from being able to use a number of admin facilities such as remote wipe, viewable sharing activity logs, and more.

5. You have access to your files whenever, wherever

Dropbox doesn’t just work on computers only, but it can also be installed on all sorts of smartphones and tablet devices too. And what’s really awesome about the service is that all of your files get synced across all of your devices whenever they are connected to the Internet.

6.You’ll wonder why you’ve never used the cloud before

When you start to reap the benefits of Dropbox, you will wonder why you have never used cloud services before! Of course, Dropbox isn’t the only cloud-based service available for individuals and businesses; for example, companies like IntegrIT Network Solutions offer a whole host of services to suit your particular requirements.

Once you’ve started to use Dropbox, you will wonder why you’ve never taken advantage of such a useful and time-saving way to store and sync your files!

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