7 Awesome Add-On Gadgets For Your Smart Phone


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With every new smartphone launched the features become progressively sophisticated. From on the go web browsing to fun, cool and free apps that help you do just about anything, these devices have quickly become the must-have item of the century. For particularly geeky smart phone owners, the capabilities of these devices doesn’t stop with their inbuilt functions. Add-on gadgets increase the potential of your smart phone; turning it into a mini arcade machine and a home security system, for example. Let’s take a look at seven of these awesome add-on gadgets for your smartphone.

1. Add-on game controllers

Playing games on your smartphone is fun but swiping and tapping the screen can become tedious for keen gamers. Add-on game controllers, like the Fling Mini, enhance the smartphone gaming experience by making it more realistic and interactive. The products are like mini joysticks that attach to the front of your smart phone, simulating analog game playing.

2. Add-on camera controls

The selfie generation will rejoice at the introduction of add-on camera controls. With this gadget, there will be no more rogue arms or fingers in your selfie or rushing to get you and your friends in position before the timer runs out. These bluetooth remote controls allow users to take control of their snaps. So get into position, smile and click the button when you are ready.

3. Add-on camera lenses

For keen smartphone photographers, this camera add-on attaches to the front of your phone and gives users the option to take pictures using the angle, telephoto or fisheye lenses.

4. Add-on arcade machine  

This add-on provides endless amounts of fun for fans of retro games. Dock your phone within the mini arcade machine, complete with joystick and buttons, to simulate an arcade gaming experience.

5. Add-on tool kit

With the add-on tool kit for your smartphone, you’ll no longer find yourself corkscrew-less or plier-less. The tool kit comes in the form of a case for your phone and is fitted with a variety of tools including a bottle opener and a wood saw.

6. Add-on mini cinema

Ever tried to watch a film on your smartphone? It’s not the most cinematic of experiences. But with an add-on mini cinema tool, it can be. Dock your smartphone into this gadget, and the screen will instantly become magnified and the sound amplified.

7. Add-on home security device

Smart phones are always attempting to help their owners, and providing security for their homes is one of the best ways they do this. Home security add-ons will include a camera with night vision, motion sensors and a microphone. But it doesn’t stop there. Some of the most advanced products also contain sensors to detect a change in humidity, heat and carbon monoxide levels. Whenever something strange happens at home, from a burglary to a fire, the security add-on will notify you via your smartphone.

It seems that when it comes to smart phones, the possibilities are endless. Stay tuned for key features expected soon including 3D and flexible screens, augmented reality and flawless voice controls.

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