Are there more female gamers than we know?

femalegamerIt may surprise you to know that more women than men 
are playing mobile games – 53% according to a recent report!While roughly 40% of so called “traditional” gamers are female, women account for a large percentage of real online casino winners each day. The numbers clearly override those of their male contemporaries in almost every area of gaming.

Female game stats:

Research further suggests that women who play social games tend to be older than men, outnumbering them in the 26 to 65 year age groups. Additionally, the majority of social and mobile game users are white, frommiddleclass socio-economic groups, earning over $50,000 USD annually. The Flurry, a mobile app analytics provider, estimates that well over 25 million individual gamers enjoy social gaming for at leastof 25 minutes every day.

Women are also more likely to pay for micro-transactions during gaming, while men tend to spend more concentrated time in active game-pursuits. Further, roughly 45% of female game enthusiasts habitually purchase video games. A recent study conducted by the Entertainment Software Association, “2013 Essential Facts about the Computer and Video Game Industry,” demonstrates that 31% of video-gamers are women, while only 19% are teenaged boys!

“Girls” and gaming:

Clearly “girls just want to have fun” and video games are no longer only for the guys! While female gamers comprise about 50% of the total game population, popular video games suggest otherwise. When glancing at online marketing strategies, it’s hard to believe that women factor into the equation as definitively as they do. The majority of video games still seem to stereotype women, causing female players to have difficulty relating tomost female characters. Many of these animated personas are forever trapped in a cyber-world with bodies of Barbie-sized proportion!

Today’s world:

As the data suggest, female gamers are actively involved in today’s world of gaming, so much so that it’s impossible not to take notice. While the numbers have increased exponentially, has the industry been able to keep up with the changing demographics? Moreover, do stereotypical characters continue perpetuated stigmas attached to women, particularly with respect to female video-gamers? Research clearly shows that women play video games for reasons appearing to be more complex than the reasons why men play. Women obviously enjoy a wide and varied assortment of video and online games.  And, female gamers are not confined to independent play; many are aggressively pursuing multi-player and competitive level tactics.

While it’s clear that women rule in the area of online gaming, domestic-style pastimes (like Farmville), are often directed toward women. The entire gaming industry tends to avoid targeting“traditionally male-oriented games” toward female players. For this reason, women often avoid certain games, thereby reinforcing the cycle.

Changing the face of gaming:

With research clearly indicating that there are more female gamers than ever before, it has become essential that online entertainment industries keep up with these rapidly evolving demographics. It is clear that female gamers are forever changing the face of gaming!

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