CMMS For Newbies: How To Avoid Any Potential Pitfalls Before Implementing A New System

A CMMS (short for “computerised maintenance management system”) is an enterprise-grade software system which is used by businesses and organisations around the world for the purposes of keeping records on and monitoring their maintenance processes.

This software is essential for large teams of maintenance personnel to perform their work as efficiently and productively as possible. Without it, they would go back to using pen and paper, or lots of complicated spreadsheets, which, as you might know, can be prone to errors and data corruption.

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A good CMMS will enable users to determine the date and location of any scheduled maintenance on equipment and assets, as well as the stock levels of any spare parts that are stored so that more can be ordered should stock levels go down.

Of course, not all systems are good; in fact, some are really quite useless and are generally not fit for purpose. If you are looking to introduce a new CMMS for your business or organisation, here is how you can avoid any potential pitfalls so that you can choose the right system for your needs.

Choose a supplier that offers excellent support

One of the biggest horror stories that I hear about companies and other organisations that attempt to implement a new CMMS is that they purchase a system from a software vendor that offers little to no support when it’s needed.

Anyone that has experience of a CMMS will tell you that these systems are not a quick and simple software package like installing an office productivity suite on your computer might be. Choosing the right system requires a lot of careful research, planning, and quite often, money!

Don’t go for the cheapest option

You might have heard of the saying “buy cheap, buy twice”; well this certainly applies to the world of software, especially when you are looking to buy a CMMS.

Quite often you will come across a CMMS that is offered at a fantastically low price, only to discover that you have to pay lots of money to purchase extra features which would normally be standard on competitor software packages.

Training is essential

No-one is going to be able to use a new computer system without being shown how to use it, which is why it is vitally important that any CMMS that you buy comes with comprehensive training for you and your users.

People are going to be used to doing things a certain way, and it is likely that this system will completely revolutionise how your colleagues do things.

Not many people like change, but all businesses and organisations have to evolve to meet changing needs and market conditions, so it is essential that everyone involved in your maintenance department is up to speed with how they need to do things (on the system) from now on.

Get everyone involved

One of the major problems with any new departmental software is that certain key individuals, especially from other departments, are not kept in the loop in terms of the software’s development.

Make sure that anyone who is directly or indirectly involved with the implementation of this new project is kept up-to-date on what’s going on, as this will cause fewer headaches and frustration later on.

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