Incorporating digital marketing to attract new clients to your Salon Business


In the busy and competitive hairdressing industry it can be difficult to both retain existing customers and attract new ones. Most salon businesses rely on both to remain profitable. But when new customers are gained through word of mouth and customer retention is based on a client’s personal relationship with their hairdresser, what can digital media do for your business? Below are three digital marketing ideas to try out:

Use your Facebook page to attract new clients

Once your salon has a Facebook page attracting new clients becomes increasingly easier. The page can be used to communicate lots of information including offers and deals, opening times and new products. You can also upload photographs and style photos of hairstyle and cuts your salon has worked on you can encourage customers to post their own photos of new styles. This type of Facebook activity is great for increasing exposure through shares and likes. Sharing photos of celebrities with new haircuts and pictures of new hair trends can also inspire clients to book an appointment to try out a new style. On top of this, clients can also use the page to share their positive reviews or check out what other users have said about the salon, for some salon business’s you can check or, ask about appointment availability.

Develop and App for clients

Having an app means that it’s much easier for you to build a relationship with customers outside of the salon allowing you to communicate offers and deals directly through their phone or device. It also makes it much simpler and convenient for customers to book appointments 24/7 rather than them experiencing engaged phone lines or struggling to make calls in work times. The app could even be used to develop a rewards scheme where clients build up points, receive offers at each appointment, or for recommending friends, to be rewarded with free haircare products once they reach a certain amount. For those who have no idea where to start with developing their own app, there are services offering salon management packages designed specifically for this purpose.

Optimise your SMS and Email

A text message and email service can seem quite insignificant but the difference it will make is huge. A follow up text or email after an appointment ensures a customer feels valued and gives them the opportunity to reply with any praise or constructive comments. The service can also be used to remind clients of their appointments in advance and will make your whole business more efficient as there will be less no shows. Email can be used to regularly send out more detailed information about offers and discounts as well as acting as a reminder of your services to customers and unlike a telephone call email can be accessed and sent anytime.

These are just a few brief ideas your salon business can incorporate digital Marketing into their day to day business.


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