Vonage Extensions: Low cost international calling from your smartphone

We all know that calling abroad from your mobile phone can be a very expensive business. Depending on which country you are calling you could be looking at a three figure bill within a matter of minutes, especially if the country you’re calling doesn’t have a reciprocal agreement with the UK mobile operator you’re signed up to.

But there is another way.  The low cost, unlimited international call provider Vonage has launched an app called Vonage Extensions which lets you share your Vonage call plan with up to two smartphones, so you can make both international and UK calls from your smartphone at no extra charge.  All the calls included in your call plan can be made from your smartphone, which gives you access to international calling to some 68 countries across the world including the Americas, Asia and Africa.


What’s more, Vonage is dedicated to helping out home and small businesses.  As any business owner will tell you, making international calls to keep in touch with colleagues and clients overseas can be a real expense.  As a leading Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone provider, Vonage is able to offer unlimited international calls from your smartphone by utilising your broadband connection – perfect for making professional sounding business calls from a home office.  You even get a dedicated business phone number, visual voicemail, 3-way calling and call waiting facilities.

Testament to Vonage’s commitment to helping out small businesses is there recent partnership with the National Business Awards, which will see them launch the inaugural ‘Duke of York New Entrepreneur of the Year Award’ at a ceremony at St George’s Hall in Liverpool on 24th June 2014.

So if you’re looking to make regular international calls either for keeping in touch with friends and family abroad or for matters of business then take a look at the call plans on offer from Vonage.  Their international call rates start from just 1p per minute which, when compared to the UK’s mobile operators tariffs, is a real snip of the price.  Making international calls from your smartphone that don’t cost a fortune is now a reality.

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