Why Magento Is One Of The Best CMS For Creating Shopping Website?


Out of all the available CMS found on the internet, Magento is a popular CMS for e-commerce websites. The biggest brands available like Nike, Samsung, Men’s Health, Olympus and more use Magento for their attractive webpage and efficient customer service database. They make up the bulk of most e-commerce websites and operate them through their channels.

Using Magento development platform, you have the option to customise your website by adding specific content, plugins and more according to your needs. While some users even deviate to Drupal or WordPress for e-commerce, Magento provides a one-stop solution for entrepreneurs around the world and is considered often as one of the best CMS for creating shopping websites. Developers swear by Magento’s capabilities to drive authentic traffic to sites and cater to the needs of customers, business and individuals alike.

Magento has a share of 26% in the e-commerce market. The reasons for its immense popularity come with a lot of responsibility garnered by the tool. Loaded with a host of features, Magento development platform should be the ideal choice for your e-commerce website for the following reasons:

  • It is open source You can avail the properties of Magento for free. It is an open source tool that is bound to change the way you use e-commerce websites. You can supercharge the core code and utilise its extensions to boost the user experience of your e-commerce portal. You can download the extensions from the Magento marketplace, available online.
  • It is built for e-commerce If you compare Magento to WordPress, you will realise that the latter is a full-blown CMS but not suitable for e-commerce portals. Magento is preloaded with a number of features which make it reliable for e-commerce, from the beginning till the end.
  • It is highly scalable You can start small or start big, Magento will adapt to the trend followed by your website and grow with your business. It caters to your e-commerce needs by presenting an array of features that will leave you surprised as well! It has been a boon for more than 500 e-commerce websites already, big and small, and will further continue impressing entrepreneurs around the world.
  • It is made for high performance Magento offers an excellent speed for the number of features it provides. Be it your page loading speed, operation processing or loading queries, Magento emerges as a total winner avoiding any delays that are very crucial in e-commerce businesses. Delays can destroy a company and Magento eliminates it by converting potential and on-site visitors to guaranteed customers.
  • It is multi-tenant Magento has a backed up CMS. Through that, it enables you to create multiple websites without changing any frameworks. It means that your inventory stays the same for all sites, helping you utilise and shuffle products according to your needs. You can also access billing charges, customer records and more from the same database.

Use Magento today and create a fabulous e-commerce website which can garner the viewership of the world in a few years! Reach out to a million customers with a host of products as Magento assists you in becoming the next giant in the e-commerce industry.