Great examples of new online games

With gaming quickly becoming a multi-billion dollar industry, it’s been interesting to see how it has used new online technologies to increase gaming playability and convenience.

Whereas gaming used to be considered primarily a console-driven activity, some of these online games have successfully illustrated just how innovative gaming developers have become.


One of the most popular gaming activities is the humble shoot-em-up. And the current version of Quake Live offers you the perfect chance to commit some serious acts of violence from the safety of your web browser. With an array of missions ranging from capture-the-flag and deathmatch, to free-for-all, it’s got everything you need to fulfil the most violent of urges in the modern gaming environment.

Similarly, the online version of Doom provides another great example of retro-gaming violence. With all of the horrifying graphics and subtly unnerving atmospherics, it provides a great example of how the old games are sometimes the best.

Traditional games

But if you’re really in the mood for some traditional online gaming, then be sure to check out the endlessly-entertaining World’s Biggest Pacman. Created to celebrate the 30th anniversary of this iconic game, the online version features thousands of user-generated mazes, along with some entertaining extra doorway options.

Casino games have also enjoyed the benefits of the online revolution. This can be seen in the likes of Mr Smith Casino’s Glow slot game that features the traditional gaming format but with the beautifully-rendered Nordic landscape providing an ethereal twist to enhance your gaming experience.

Classic online games

Some online games have had such a phenomenal level of success that they have become synonymous with the new gaming environment. The Angry Birds franchise has managed to achieve incredible levels of fame thanks to its addictive gameplay and fun graphics, and browser-based gamers can now join in the fun thanks to the Chrome-based Angry Birds game. This features a fun catapult-based style of gaming that subtly draws you in until you become completely consumed by this powerfully engaging game.

And finally, whilst the mini-golf gaming style may have been with us for many years, it’s rarely been as beautifully rendered as in the game of Wonderputt. Featuring many levels of golfing complexity based upon the intricate puzzle-like paintings of M.C. Escher, it can provide for another relaxing and yet subtly entrancing way to game via your browser.

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